Know the most important aspect of our sock drops?

We are on a mission to use our business to make a difference in South Africa and that is why we give a pair of school socks to a child in need for every single pair of Sexy Socks sold. There is, however, a bigger motivation behind this simple one-for-one business model, so read on for a glimpse of why we do what we do.

We don’t only do it because of the socks

We believe that social entrepreneurship has the power to effect significant change all over the world, but particularly here at home in South Africa. Our sock drops are the highlight of our one-for-one business, because they allow us the opportunity to visit schools in our beautiful country and share our experience of social entrepreneurship – hopefully inspiring students to follow a similar path and broadening perspectives on how profitable business can also make a difference to individuals and communities in need.

What it means to be a social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship that focuses on the benefits that society may reap. Simply put, it’s about building a business with a larger mission to impact the world positively. We want to inspire and foster this same entrepreneurial spirit (and self belief) in as many South African children as we can. Our message is simple: they too can one day create jobs; generate personal wealth; build brands that keep social and environmental concerns top of mind; and use business to give back to the community in some way. And if they don’t go on to run their own businesses? We hope to inspire them to become agents for change from within the organisations in which they do work.

If we can inspire just one child to become a social entrepreneur in some way, shape or form, it will be worth thousands and thousands of socks.