Back and better-than-ever! We’ve just dropped 8 new designs in our bestselling Active Snood. It’s lightweight, ultra soft and designed for exercise – running, cycling, hiking and more.


This multifunctional piece can be worn in all sorts of styles for protection, all-day comfort and personal preference. 

  • STAY WARM | When it’s cold, use it as a neck gaiter, hood or beanie to keep you warm or even wear it balaclava-style and pull it up over your head. 
  • STAY PROTECTED | It’s not only handy in winter though! It also protects your face and neck from harsh UV rays on sunny days and provides a barrier against the wind, too.
  • STAY SAFE | Need a breathable face mask for your next workout? We’ve got you covered. Thanks to its generous 50 x 25cm size it can be folded into a double or triple layer.
  • STAY COMFORTABLE | Keep sweat off your face and hair out of the way by using it as a headband, hair tie or head scarf. It makes a perfect hat or helmet-liner too. Designed to be thin enough to fit underneath each with ease and without uncomfortable seams either.
  • STAY STYLISH | Our 8 new designs have you covered no matter whether you prefer a monochrome moment (we’ve got all shades of grey) or a pop of colour and fun.



They’re made in Cape Town (local is lekker!) and a portion of all proceeds goes towards providing school socks to those most vulnerable and less fortunate. Using our business to achieve social change is always our focus – whether that be in the form of local job creation or supporting a good cause.

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