Style inspo from Stanley Gabriel

If you, like us, love bold styles, bright colours and African-inspired design, then Stanley Gabriel’s Instagram feed will surely have you doing the double-tap. Stanley never fails to deliver a perfectly crafted look and his feed is filled with all the fashion inspiration you need… and of course, good socks. We chatted to him about his personal style, his go-to wardrobe staples and his favourite pair of Sexy Socks.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a Johannesburg-based financial services professional with around a decade-and-a-half of varied career experience so far, beginning in a technical actuarial role but quickly expanding into other areas. My career includes time working in the East, West and South Africa; an entrepreneurial venture; a stint as a Chief of Staff; strategy roles and running an innovation function and digital channel. I currently run the digital client experience function for a major South African insurance group, incorporating digital business models and design, advanced analytics, insights, CX (customer experience), client communication, campaigning, social media and digital marketing. I am a major fan of Instagram (@stanleygabriel), and recently launched a podcast titled Sizoba’Right with Sibs and Stan, with Sibaphiwe Matiyela reflecting my passion for storytelling and living a purposeful life.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would use the words Pan African chic and simplicity to describe my style. I largely wear clothing inspired by different tribes on the continent. I dress in bright, patterned and relaxed African wear. 

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

Formal African wear from West Africa called Bubba and Sokoto. 

What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

I don’t really follow trends but I love how men are starting to bend the rules in terms of gender bending outfits. I love that men can wear kimonos, skirts or dresses and not feel emasculated. 

What did you love most about the Sexy Socks that you received?

The colour (yellow is my favourite colour) and the S because that’s the letter of my name too so it means more than Sexy Socks to me. 

Last one, favourite pair of socks from the entire Sexy Socks’ range?

For a recent wedding; we got all the groomsmen the Big 5 socks and that was a special bonding moment. So I think those are my faves. 

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