This year we reached an incredible milestone at Sexy Socks: we have donated over 380,000 school socks to children in need! Each pair of socks stands as a testament to the commitment, support, and love extended by our community and customers. Thank you.

Our recent sock drop in collaboration with MasiSports was another important step in this journey.


Together, we brought new school socks to the students of Masiphumelele at Ukhanyo Primary and Masi High. Thanks to you, 3500 learners are now proudly wearing a new pair of socks to school, many for the first time.

Vince van der Bijl of MasiSports shared his heartfelt thanks: 

“Dave Hutchison and his team were young and vibrant with their souls dedicated to help those in need. Ukhanyo Primary and Masi High were overwhelmed. The timing was perfect as it was just prior to their exams, and they again felt that people in Cape Town care for their future. Thank you, Dave, such a very special gift.”


Sexy Socks is more than just a brand; it’s a movement towards a brighter future. By incorporating social activism with business, we are trying to set a new standard for corporate responsibility and community involvement.

Our sock drop not only provided the children a brand new pair of school socks but also brought a message of hope and encouragement. Sexy Socks operates on a simple yet impactful principle: for every pair sold, another pair is donated to a child in need. 

Dave Hutchison explains:

 “Sexy Socks’ vision is to use business as a force for change. Our message to the school children who receive the socks is simple: pay it forward – every time you put on your socks, think about one thing you can do today that will make your community a better place. Each small step towards a better society takes us one step closer to the change that we all want to see in South Africa.”


Sexy Socks is committed to not just warming feet but inspiring change. We wholeheartedly believe that businesses can play a pivotal role in community development and social change.

With your support, we’ll continue to keep warming the toes of South Africa’s future 💛