After relentless testing, we’re excited to bring you two brand new ranges of active socks – our ULTIMATE ACTIVE SOCKS and ULTIMATE RUNNER SOCKS. However you get your fitness fix – whether it’s in the gym, on the padel court, running the road, or exploring the mountain – we’ve got you covered.


Road, trail or track, our ULTIMATE RUNNER SOCKS are designed to cater to every runner’s needs, no matter the terrain.

Crafted with a fully cushioned mohair foot, these socks offer you the cloud-like comfort and protection that you need to keep going mile after mile. But comfort is just the starting line:

  • They’re anti-blister – say goodbye to painful distractions. The moisture-wicking material and unique design minimise friction, keeping blisters at bay.
  • They’re thermoregulating – whether it’s a chilly morning run or a midday scorcher, these socks help maintain optimal foot temperature.
  • They’re hypoallergenic and antibacterial – no need to worry about your foot health!
  • They’re moisture wicking – with a mohair footbed and breathable mesh upper your feet will stay cool and dry.
  • Available in two lengths – tailor your sock choice to your style – pick from longer length or ankle length (designed with a blister-resistant heel tab to keep them in place).


Our ULTIMATE ACTIVE SOCKS are the versatile answer to an active lifestyle (think: hiking, golfing, cycling, skateboarding, golfing – you name it). Their quick-drying, anti-blister yarn ensures your feet remain in tip top comfort and condition. Features include:

  • They have a cushioned cotton touch heel and toe – offering the support and comfort your feet need to perform at their best.
  • They offer exceptional arch support – engineered to conform to your foot’s shape, these socks promise a snug, slip-free fit.
  • They are super breathable – the moisture wicking material and breathable mesh upper will keep your feet dry and fresh.
  • They’ll keep their shape – they’re designed to maintain their shape, even after multiple washes.

    Available online and in-store now in two sizes (UK47 and UK 812). Head this way to get kitted.