Tackle the Two Oceans Marathon (and beyond!) in our ULTIMATE RUNNER SOCKS – specially designed to cater to every runner’s needs, ensuring optimum comfort and performance every step of the way.


Crafted with a fully cushioned mohair foot, these socks offer you the cloud-like comfort and protection that you need to keep going mile after mile. But comfort is just the starting line:

  • The quick-drying material and unique design minimise friction to keep blisters at bay.
  • They’re thermoregulating, essentially acting as your foot’s personal climate control system. They effortlessly adapt to varying conditions in both summer and winter, ensuring optimal foot temperature is maintained.
  • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they boast an arch support band that provides stability and a non-slip fit.
  • They’re moisture-wicking with a mohair footbed and breathable mesh upper; your feet will stay cool and dry. Bid farewell to sweaty feet!
  • Your feet deserve the best care, and that’s precisely what our socks provide. They’re inherently hypoallergenic and antibacterial – no need to worry about your foot health!
  • Tailor your sock choice to your style – pick from longer length or ankle length (designed with a blister-resistant heel tab to keep them in place).


Riding with a club, team or a group of friends? Why not boost morale with matching socks! Our socks are top notch quality and can be customised with your chosen colours, patterns and logos – perfect for epic team merch. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Minimum order of 50 pairs
  • Quick lead times – from just two weeks
  • Design mock-up and sample provided
  • Delivered to your door
  • Supporting our one-for-one mission

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