Embracing Conscious Fashion

The market is changing. Many of us are more aware than ever that our purchasing decisions can significantly impact both people and planet, particularly when it comes to fashion. The conscious fashion movement is something we are firmly behind here at Sexy Socks. Is it a challenge? Of course (it’s often not the most budget-friendly approach to running a business). But is it where we think business needs to go? Absolutely. Here are a few ways we’re embracing the conscious fashion movement.

Brilliant bamboo

Our socks are made from bamboo, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and it uses about a third less water than cotton. It’s biodegradable and grows without pesticides. Our bamboo yarn is harvested using a mechanical process, rather than a chemical process, which would use harmful chemicals and negate its environmental credentials.

Undies that make a difference

Our range of underwear up-cycles fabric that would otherwise be headed for landfill. Using fewer resources to create our underwear and thereby reducing the clutter in a world already overwhelmed by fast fashion has got to be a good thing, right? They’re also handmade by a cooperative of women in Cape Town. Unemployment is a huge debilitating factor here in South Africa and we are stoked to be able to partner with such an awesome programme that’s creating jobs and providing important skills training.


Sexy Socks currently operates with a simple one-for-one goal – for every single pair sold, we give a pair of school socks to a child in need. Our sock drops are the highlight of our one-for-one business, because they provide us with a platform to talk directly to the children we meet about social entrepreneurship – hopefully inspiring students to follow a similar path and broadening perspectives on how profitable business can also make a difference to individuals and communities in need.

Local is lekker

Sexy Socks is committed to supporting South African business wherever we can and, so far, we have been able to find almost everything we need locally! Investing our money in locally-produced goods and services feeds directly into the upliftment of our community, and encourages the preservation of our local expertise and artistry. It also means that we import less, naturally lowering our carbon footprint. It’s a simple business choice for us.

We are proud of the role that Sexy Socks plays in the conscious fashion movement and aim to do our best always to have a positive impact through commerce.