So, 2022 has come and gone… and you know what? It was a GOOD YEAR! Because of your support, we were able to do some seriously cool things – we launched over 40 fresh designs, introduced new ranges (hello, Kids’ Cotton Socks!) and, most importantly, we donated an EPIC amount of school socks to children in need. 

Read on to find out how many school socks we donated to children in need in 2022 and, if you are new around here, find out how your choice of socks can really make a difference (spoiler: for every pair of Sexy Socks you buy, we donate a pair of school socks to a child in need!).


We all need socks, but what if every time you bought this wardrobe staple, it made a direct and real difference in the life of an underprivileged child? This is the question that lies at the heart of our mission here at Sexy Socks. Our 1-for-1 business model and mission is simple: 

For every pair you buy, we give a pair of school socks to a child in need.

By choosing Sexy Socks, not only will you be getting the very best in quality, comfort and design, but your purchase will also directly improve the life of a young learner. The way we see it, warm toes = easier to concentrate = more learning = better education.


In 2022, we donated over 50 000 pairs of school socks to those in need, which brings us to a total of over 250 000 school socks donated to date! Your choice of socks really does matter, this is proof of it. 

We couldn’t have done it without support from YOU as well as wonderful organisations like The Santa Shoebox Project, JAG Foundation, Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, Round Table, Lace Up for Change, Help The Rural Child, The Imibala Trust, Breadline Africa, Gondwana Care Trust, Sakha Isizwe Development Organisation, Voed N Mondjie, T21 Support, Nazareth House and more. 

Each of these organisations have a cause close to our hearts and a mission similar to our own (to improve the lives of our youth), so please check out the work they do! They’re just magic.


At Sexy Socks, we aim to do our best to have a positive impact through commerce – by supporting South African business wherever we can, continually pushing our mission to the forefront and using the very best raw materials we can find (like the organic and eco-friendly yarn used to make our famous bamboo socks). 

We strongly believe our everyday shopping behaviour can have a positive impact on the world around us – and you can start small by using the power in your purchases to support brands that care about people and planet (not just profit). 

Would you like to get involved, nominate a school in need or perhaps become a Sexy Socks stockist? Get in touch anytime, we would love to hear from you.